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Personal Training & Fitness With Danny Collins (DCPT) Rossendale

A different style of post to our normal property related posts, but I wanted to share a personal journey I’ve been on.

Being a business owner and juggling a family means you’re often burning the candle at both ends. I’d started to put a lot of weight on and was feeling tired all the time.

I decided to reach out to local fitness expert Danny Collins from Rossendale. Being a rugby player, Danny has done his fair share of training and now helps train others.

3 Month Plan

I chose to do an intense 3 month plan with DC PT. This involved logging food, and learning about foods, along with some pretty intense PT sessions each week.

Along with the training sessions I gave up alcohol as well for a month, and then only had a few drinks at the weekend after that. The biggest thing I noticed was that I had far more patience, especially with the kids. I also found a lot more time on the weekends, more so on Sunday mornings.

After the first few weeks, I could see a difference and felt much sharper in the mornings.

After the first month, i’d gone up a belt buckle.

Monthly Stats and InBody Measurements

At the very start of my sessions with DC I had my body stats tested, BMI, Muscle Mass etc. I could see I was carrying too much weight. At the end of each month, we would run the test again and see the improvements and areas we needed to focus on.

What did we achieve?

I’ve just finished the 3 months course, and I feel fitter, much stronger and I have more patience. I’ve also learnt more about food and the way it makes you feel.

Overall I dropped circa 6kg in fat and gained the same in muscle mass.

I wasn’t too concerned with how much I weighed and more with my body shape and how I feel.

Throughout the journey I had to log my food in the myFitnessPal app and It got me looking closer at protein and fat content in the food I eat.

DC gave a steer on good foods to eat and shared a recipe book with me. After doing lots of different workouts in the PT sessions I also feel pretty confident about doing them myself now and carrying on the good habits learned from DC.

I’m very happy with the results, and will actually continue to have a monthly session to check in with DC.

You can check out DC’s Instagram page here: |

LEAN Training Club

DC currently works out of LEAN Training Club in Dunnockshaw. The team over there at LEAN are very friendly and certainly made me feel welcome.

Great local business with plenty going on, and it’s been nice to see parents and kids doing fitness classes together. |


If you are thinking of losing some weight and want to get fitter and stronger – give DC a try, I certainly found that the money I spent on PT sessions and coaching was far less that my monthly Just Eat bill!

Also a thank you to Chicken Coop on Rawtenstall market for providing me with all the chicken!