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9 essential autumn DIY tasks for your property

autumn clear leaves

Ranging from high temperatures in the summer, and freezing temperatures in the winter, our homes really taking a beating throughout the year from the weather.

This makes autumn the perfect time to show your home some love and attention.

Check out our list of 9 things you should be checking for in Autumn.

  1. Exterior walls
    Assess and repair any faults to prevent water ingress
  2. Roof/Gutters
    Check for any damage and blockages
  3. Debris
    Remove any debris from wall junctions to prevent damp from appearing
  4. Drains
    Check for any issues with drains by removing the inspection covers
  5. Drafts
    Check for areas in need of draft-proofing around windows and doors
  6. Taps/pipes
    Insulate interior taps/pipes in unheated areas of the house/outbuildings
  7. Garden
    Tidy all the borders, de-weed, and give the grass one last mow
  8. Patio
    Reduce the risk of slipping in winter by power-washing the patio
  9. Deep clean
    Get rid of all dirt and grime ready for the winter season to begin

Your autumn checklist is now complete. Follow these 9 steps to make sure your house is in the best shape possible for winter.

Contact Coppenwall Estate Agents for any further advice. We also have some fab information about what features sell a property here.