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How to find houses under £100,000

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Getting on the housing ladder can be a daunting task for many young people, and you may feel like everything is out of your price range. But there are lots of gorgeous properties for under £100,000, so with a bit of effort, you will be surprised at the house opportunities available.


Increasing your search radius can really open up your opportunities, as there are lots of up and coming areas worth looking into. Grab a bargain in one of these locations to make a good profit.


Don’t stop at just looking through the major property portals. You will need to become quite savvy when searching for off-portal properties – look through private ads in your area, or in local auction houses.


People are getting more creative with where they are willing to live. The purchase of flats, pack-houses, container-houses, park-homes and micro-houses are on the rise.


If you have time, skills and/or money, you could take on a property renovation. Seasoned developers are usually on the hunt for these particular properties, so you will need to be quick. Bear in mind that every property will have a ceiling price, so make sure you do your homework before bidding.

If you want to get on the property ladder or find an investment property, it can be done.

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