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New Text Messaging Service from Coppenwall Estate Agents Rossendale

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One of the more challenging parts of selling properties is getting hold of people.

Imagine you are selling your house and you work full time or on shifts. It’s not always easy to answer a phone call. We’ve all been there at work and your phone is ringing but you can’t answer.

So we’ve come up with a very simple idea! Just text us. Everyone can send text messages, and if we send you a text you can reply.

We’ve also found that not everyone has emails readily set up. Some people are quite tech savvy and have added their mail accounts to their mobiles and get a notification when an email lands.

Some people do not and have to go out of their way to get emails. Whilst Coppenwall still use a lot of emails, if the matter is in need of a swift response we will now text you.

Platform Integration

We have integrated a new text messaging functionality into our Coppenwall platform. This means when you text us, you are actually communicating with our internal system.

This keeps all communications tidy and any member of staff can pick them up and reply.

This also means the details you send over via text message are stored securely, on our platform.

Selling Houses

The reason we have built this platform integration is to make sure we can sell your house or get you signed up with as little frustration as possible. We both want your home to sell, so communication between us is very important.

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Coppenwall Estate Agents offer a great service and we always put our customers first. This is why we receive such great reviews.

To start your journey with Coppenwall, drop us a text!

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You can also book a property valuation through our website and we’ll give you a call back to discuss.