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How to manage your property viewings

Manage property viewings

When your house is on the market, you will have people coming round to view the property, here are some tips on showing people around your home.


  • You will know every aspect of your property, including how best to use the space, what home improvements you have made.
  • You will be able to provide valuable information about the area, such as: local shops, parks, schools, restaurants and pubs.
  • You can share on a personal level how truly special your home has been, and pass on some of that magic.
  • You get to know your potential buyers, which can strengthen the sale.
  • You are not relying on anybody else to sell your home.


  • Arrange for any children and pets to be out, if you can. This enables you to fully focus on your viewer without distractions.
  • Prepare yourself for any questions your viewer may have.
  • Showing people around can feel very personal and emotional. Try and distance yourself, and remember, most people do not want to cause offence with their questions.
  • Keep any relevant paperwork to hand.
  • When showing people around your home, let them enter any rooms first so they can focus on the property, rather than you.

List of common questions buyers ask

  • Do you mind if I try…?
    By being open and accommodating to the viewers requests, it shows you have nothing to hide. Even if you are not sure why they are checking the water pressure, or the toilet flush.
  • How much are the bills?
    Make sure you have your council tax band to hand, and how much this costs per month. The utilities will vary from company to company, and by how many people are living in the property, but it is nice to give a rough idea of how much the bills would potentially cost.
  • What is the area like?
    Make sure you are able to provide lots of positive answers, and maybe suggest they drive by at different times of the day, so they can check for themselves.
  • Have you found another property?
    It’s common for a potential buyer to ask this question, moving times can factor into a buying decision.
  • Has any building work been carried out recently?
    These answers will be checked at the solicitors stage, so make sure you are up front about any structural changes.

Hopefully, this post should guide you through your first viewing. If you are struggling, contact your estate agent to make arrangements for them to do a few viewings on your behalf, or to give you some tips.

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