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20 things that will put people off buying your home

20 things that will put off a buyer have revealed the top 20 things putting people off from buying a property.

Damp is seen to be the biggest “no no” for potential purchasers, with 70% saying they wouldn’t buy a property with damp patches, and stained ceilings/walls, while 63% of people said they would avoid homes in a state of disrepair.

Take a look at the list below showing the top offenders that put people off buying a property:

  1. Damp patches and/or stains on walls or ceilings 
  2. Property being in poor state of repair e.g. rotten windows, etc.
  3. Bad smells including pet smells, damp, cigarettes, etc
  4. No parking spaces
  5. No outdoor space/gardens
  6. Unfinished building work
  7. Poor natural light/dark rooms
  8. Outdated electrics
  9.  Small rooms
  10. Old boiler/central heating system
  11. Bad DIY
  12. Small kitchen
  13. General uncleanliness/untidiness
  14. Wooden windows
  15. Pebble dash/stone cladding
  16. Outdated kitchen
  17. Outdated bathroom
  18. Overgrown garden
  19. Artex/textured ceilings
  20. Cluttered rooms


This all goes to show, that things that can be addressed quite quickly/cheaply, such as, animal or cigarette smells, bad DIY and uncleanliness, are more off-putting than a property in need of a new bathroom/kitchen. 

Read our blog on the top 10 things to do when selling your home for some hints and tips, or give us a call at Coppenwall Estate Agents if you have any questions.