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A guide to downsizing

A Guide to Downsizing

Here’s a quick guide to downsizing

It can be difficult selling and leaving a family home to downsize.

Here are a few little pointers to help make your downsizing transition go more smoothly.

  • Plan ahead
    Make sure you plan well in advance what items you are wanting to take, and what items will fit into the smaller property. Don’t forget to take accurate measurements of your next property.
  • Be realistic 
    Downsizing can be your opportunity to spring-clean, de-clutter, and go through all your personal possessions. You will find there is lots you will not be able to take, but compromise is key here. Keep your most treasured furniture, but try and let go of the less important pieces.
  • Maximise space
    Your new home will have a lot less room, so really think about the layout of the property, and the best way to use the new space you will have.
  • Ask a professional
    If you are struggling with any aspect of your move, consult your estate agent who should be more than happy to help you.

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