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How can I sell my home quickly?

Selling Quickly

Do you need some help to sell your home quickly?

This can be a tricky task, but with a few simple tips, you will improve your chances of selling quickly. We’ve listed some things that will help speed up your house sale.

Pick the best time to sell

Spring and summer are usually the best time of year to come to the property market.

The weather is better, the days longer, and you can accommodate more house viewings in the evening to really showcase your home in the best lighting.

The property market is also much busier with buyers at these key times.

Improve your kerb appeal

It is always worth putting a little bit more effort into improving the exterior of your home. Buyers are always more likely to offer if have a fantastic first impression.

Whether this means, tidying up the garden, pulling weeds, or cleaning the driveway, it is easy to make your property stand out for the right reasons.

Present your home at it’s best

Don’t just stop at the outside. Make sure you are presenting your property when it is in tip top condition.

Fix any repairs, refresh any tired decor, and de-clutter. This helps potential buyers envisage the home as their own, and prompts people to offer sooner.

Consider an open house

It is always good to think outside of the box. What can your estate agent do to bring your property more attention.

One of the ways is to provide an open house viewing.

This allows buyers to see how much demand your property is in, and when they see the competition, this provides more offers so they do not miss out.

This method is also know to drive up the offer prices & sell quickly. Contact Coppenwall estate agents.

Ask questions

Find the best estate agents by asking the right questions, and ensuring they know how best to market your property.

Read more about what you should be asking when instructing an estate agent here.

Property Auctions

Find out more about our auction package here: Top reasons to sell your property via our modern online auctions.

You can find more information on how Coppenwall estate agents can successfully market your property so it sells quickly here.

If you need to sell your home quickly, and want to discuss your options. Book in for a property valuation