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Top 6 houseplants to freshen up your home

indoor garden

Here’s a list of houseplants even a beginner gardener would find difficult to kill. Put them in lovely pots, sprinkle some water in and you’re good-to-go. Nothing brightens up, and cleans the air in a room like greenery.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

These are seriously cool – inside the plant is a colourless jelly- like leaf tissue which has many uses including healing properties. They’re also attractive and easy to look after.


rubber plant

If you want a change from green, these are a good bet. These get gorgeous deep burgundy leaves in high light exposure, but fade to green in low light.


avocado tree

Growing an avocado from a pit is so simple. Use 3 toothpicks, suspend over water and wait.. Admittedly, there is a long wait when growing your avocado tree, but well worth it in the long run. More detailed instructions here

English Ivy

english ivy

Ivy is one of the best plants to choose if you want something which climbs, and can quickly cover bare surroundings without any help. It looks good in a hanging basket and can be trained up a moss stick. This is the perfect addition to the spare room or lonely hallway.



If you need an easy care and forgiving houseplant, the desert cactus could be the plant for you. Cacti come in many different shapes and sizes, and need very little water to survive. If they can survive in the desert, they can survive on your windowsill.

Indoor Herb Garden

herb garden parsley

Herbs are much easier to grow that you think, will enhance your kitchen and keep fresh ingredients right at hand. Grow them in trendy mason jars for a simple indoor herb garden.

It is so easy to create your green-space at home with minimal fuss. For more creative ideas with plants, read our get creative with smaller gardens blog.

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