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Prepare your home for a viewing in 2 hours

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So you’ve received a last minute viewing request on your home, and the panic has set in. The house just isn’t ready to view.

So what can you do? Don’t worry, you CAN get your home ready to impress in 2 hours. Follow these simple steps to turn your house back into a show-home.

De-clutter and organise- 30 mins

Clutter can distract a viewer from looking at the overall room, and can make the space look smaller.  Pack away anything that is not essential, and try to keep ornaments and photo-frames to a minimum.

Blitz the kitchen and bathroom – 30 mins

A survey conducted by Rightmove shows that dirty bathrooms and kitchens are a huge turn-off for viewers. Sweep and mop the floors, wipe down any surfaces and dry any splashes. Tidy away any soap/shampoo bottles, and remove any fridge magnets.

Hoover  – 15mins

A quick vacuuming can make a huge difference, especially if you have children/pets. This will leave the carpets looking clean, and the air less dusty.

white sheets

Fresh white bedding – 15 mins

White bedding is holds universal appeal, and the smell of clean sheets will leave viewers with that special feeling of home. There’s a reason hotels stick with white linen on their beds.

flowers in vase

Add some flourishes – 20 mins

A bowl of fresh fruit, flowers in the window, lovely scented candles, and throw pillows on the couch will make your home look inviting and loved. The small touches will make viewers want to live in your home.

Research your local area – 10 mins

So you have lived in the neighbourhood for more years than you can count. Your viewers will be asking questions and looking for information about your local area.

Spend 10 minutes brushing up on local amenities, transport links and stats on local schools. Show that you are knowledgeable about your area.

Contact Coppenwall Estate Agents if you need any further advice. If you are still looking for other ways to freshen up your home, check out our top 6 indestructible houseplants here.