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How to sell your home in Autumn

Selling a house in Autumn

The nights are getting darker, the big coats are back out of storage, and everyone is talking pumpkin lattes.

This can only mean one thing – Autumn is here!

With the season in mind, we have gathered a few tips to help you showcase your home at its very best.

Falling leaves

Make sure the garden is raked as close to the viewing time as possible. Don’t forget to sweep the pavement outside if you have trees lining your street. Having scattered leaves can make a property look very unkempt.

Early viewings

Everything looks better in the daylight. With less and less light in the evenings, try and book viewings during the day.

Keep an eye on the local sunset times, and book viewings at weekend if buyers can’t get out of work early.

The viewers will appreciate being able to see more.


Try to avoid the ceiling lights if possible, as these can be a little harsh.  Use softer light in the autumn. Lots of candles, side and table lamps, and fire to give that warm, homely glow.

Think cosy

In autumn, people tend to combat the dark and rainy days with candles, blankets and hot drinks. Offer your buyer a warm drink, light those spiced apple candles, and listen to the crackle of a fire.

It’ll all add to the mood, and the viewers will feel more inclined to put an offer forward once they see how cosy your home really is.

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