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Local Area Information on All Coppenwall Property Listings

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When looking for a new property it’s important to understand which schools, amenities and local attractions are nearby. We’ve implemented a new tool on our site that provides in depth information on the local area.

Our new tool is behind a button labelled “LOCAL INFORMATION”. The local information uses the address of the property you are looking at to give a potential buyer information on the relevant surrounding area.


On this tool you can see information about local schools, and it even has links on to Ofsted reports, performance and how happy children are at the school.


We often get asked questions about broadband speed, this is due to more people working from home and people relying on broadband for work / TV / gaming and browsing. Broadband speed is becoming an important factor when choosing a property.

Local Amenities

We also get asked what local amenities are within walking distance. For some people a local shop, post office, bus stop or bar can make all the difference when choosing a property to purchase. Our properties for sale in Rossendale.

Property Price Performance

Our new tool also provides local property price performance over the years, so you can tell if the area has seen price decrease or growth. How much is your home worth?


The reason we provide all this rich information is to allow buyers from both in Rossendale and in surrounding areas, to get an idea of what the area is like, and how much is on offer.

It’s common for people moving into the Rossendale area to ask many more questions about transport links, schools and local shops.

We feel that providing as much information as we can on our site will benefit both buyers and vendors when selling their property.

If you are thinking of marketing your property, get in touch with the team at Coppenwall, we can get you booked in for a free property valuation, so you can understand how much your property is currently worth.