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Coppenwall Tips and Advice on Creating a Virtual Property Tour

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During our pandemic outbreak the world is on lockdown. This means that we can’t do any physical property viewings. To help people get a feel for your property online, it’s a great idea to create a video property tour.

What do you need to get started?

Ideally you’ll need a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet with a camera. You’ll need to be able to record the video and upload it so it’s best if your device has an internet connection.

If you have a handheld camera this is also fine, you’ll just need to transfer your video file(s) to your laptop or computer so you can upload it. If you have any issues with this just give us a call – we will guide you through it.


Before you start your tour, practice your walkthrough. It’s best to start outside the front of the property, show your outside space off, and where you park. Then move into your property, showcasing as much as you can in each room. It’s best to do the downstairs first, then go upstairs, and then go back to the outside areas – and finish at the rear of the property. This will most likely follow the order of photos in your property listing.

If you are creating a tour, there’s a good chance you will have been to a property viewing yourself, so put yourself in the shoes of a viewer and move around your property as if you were viewing it yourself.

Prepare your property

Before you record your video property tour check through this list:

  • Give your home a good clean and hoover
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Shut all cupboard doors
  • Close all of your drawers (make sure nothing is hanging out)
  • Turn on lights where needed
  • Turn TV’s off
  • Toilet seats down
  • Open all doors (needed to walk through whilst recording)
  • Make sure you haven’t left any piles of clothes / washing out

It’s also best to ensure your house is empty. Perhaps send the rest of the family for a walk, otherwise they may end up appearing in your video! Some tips:

  • If you cannot get everyone out of the property, put them upstairs, film the downstairs half of the video and end on the stairs. Then move people downstairs and film the second half by starting again at the stairs. This will generate two files but don’t worry we can stitch them together here for you.
  • If you have lots of “stuff” that you cannot store anywhere perhaps put it all in one room. If it looks untidy it maybe worth not including this room on the video.
  • No running! take your time whilst panning around rooms.

Start your recording

Don’t forget to press record! Try and keep your movement steady, it’s best to keep your device close to your chest.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can add some audio. Briefly explain which room this is, and how you get to the next room eg:

“Now we go down the hall and into the Kitchen, here we have the patio doors, which open into the garden”

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking, then not to worry, most rooms are pretty self explanatory. We can add some background music later.

How do I get the video to you?

We recommend using – this will allow you to upload your video and then we can download and manipulate it on our end. Larger video files may take some time to upload, so be patient with this bit. Email your files to

Where does the video appear?

A new VIRTUAL TOUR button will appear on your property listing. This will be visible on most platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla.


One of our clients has just completed a very good Virtual Tour. We merged two files together, added the music and uploaded it to their property listing.


If you are struggling with any of this, and need some help, just give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process. 01706 489140